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OTR Mobile truck mechanics near Dallas and Fort Worth

Same Travel Charge 0-50 miles

Same travel charge up to 50 miles from Dallas, Texas.

Cities within 50 miles of Dallas
Fort Worth
Grand Prairie

Mechanics On-Site Within 60 Minutes

Always on-call providers located throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Metroplex for faster service.

Dallas, Texas:

60 minutes*

Fort Worth, Texas:

60 to 90 minutes*

*Estimated arrival times after placing a service call. Our dispatcher will let you know if mechanic arrival times may be different.

Looking for Mobile Mechanics in Dallas, Texas

Over The Road Mobile mechanics provide mobile truck repair in Dallas, Texas. We service a radius of 50 miles from downtown Dallas and often have mechanics near you and your location of breakdown. Our top serviced cities in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex include the following.

Dallas Mobile Mechanic
Grand Prairie Mobile Mechanic
Fort Worth Mobile Mechanic
Plano Mobile Mechanic
Irving Mobile Mechanic
Arlington Mobile Mechanic

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Texas Trucking Industry Facts

Texas supports a vital and growing trucking industry central to the US while also occupying most of the US and Mexico border. Over The Road Mobile mechanics are here to keep Texas truck drivers and trucking companies moving as they make their way through Texas. If you find yourself broken down near Dallas or Fort Worth, call 469.436.6330.